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Spotter is the easiest way for you to organize people, share knowledge,

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Tag Management

Spotter lets you build your own hierarchy of tags in order to identify and find the right people, knowledge or anything at all.

People Search

Spotter delivers search results based on skills, personalities and much more to improve your team's productivity.

Instant Feedback

Spotter helps your network to identify problems, share knowledge and collaborate easier than ever before. 

John Spotter

John works in a construction company where he daily struggles to get help and find the right colleague to team up with. Like many other companies, JB constructions hasn't any tools to solve problems like this. See how John uses Spotter to find the right people to team up with.

the poster frame - in the form of a button to make it keyboard accessible

Find the Needle in a haystack

Find what you need, right when you need it. Spotter seamlessly connects people to knowledge from across your organization that you never knew existed. Engage your network in solving problems and sharing information without the usual back-and-forth. Spend less time writing emails and more time doing.

Behind the scenes

To provide better results we collect and research data to find out whether there is a relationship between personalities, skills, and behavior. Furthermore, we are constantly working to improve the platform to provide the best starting point and templates for our customers.

Discover the benefits of using Spotter

Tap into the knowledge of your network and keep your network up to date in order to move forward, faster.

    • Start a network for your company, your audience or anything at all 
    • Share questions, ideas or knowledge within a network
    • Private Networks for sensitive data; Public Networks for working in the open
    • Stay connected with Spotter Bot for Ios and Android
    • Ensure worldwide stable reliability and consistent uptime

The features you need

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Even if you choose a paid package it commonly costs less than one man-hour monthly.



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  • All Basic Features
  • Cloud HR Department
  • Phone & Email Hotline
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Companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes use Spotter.

A Global Network For A Sustainable World!

Spotter Global is a public network meant for sustainable collaboration at a global scale. Here people all over the world helps each other to identify and solve problems together. In cooperation with UNSDG we have created a network for global sustainable collaboration.

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