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We have developed a platform that can spark a revolution of real change based on efficently shared knowledge.

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what makes us different

We have developed a platform where those that can and should collaborate on the UN Global Goals can easily find each other. This is a feature not offered by present platforms.

Do less

Spotter Global is based on a taxonomy that leaves you with an amazing overview of thusands of topics linked to globalisation and sustainability. Having the overview is a true time saver; a navigator in a world of information overload.

Achive more

Spotter Global's taxonomy is truely holistic. You can easily see where you should tag yourself, thereby indicating where you can play a role in the bigger picture. Others can easily see where they can obtain better results by collaborating with you.

Be sustainable

Spotter Global is a sustainable platform in the sense that it further a collaboration where all get a chance to work on solutions that match their competencies, interests, time and resources. This is step one in systematic problem-solving for the Global Goals.

Why Spotter Global is needed

Thousands of dedicated, fellow global citizen are engaed in the UN Global Goals. But who will do what with who? This is where Spotter Global can make the difference and help closing The Collaboration Gap to further Real Change.

how Spotter Global works

After having registred, you tag yourself in our Global Goals taxonomy; later to be merged with our taxonomy on Globalisation that contains more than 2,300 categories. Due to the taxonomy and your tags, it is easy to set up the right problem-solving teams across the so-called ABC+ alliance (i.e. Academia, Business, Civil Society + Politics).

Join our Team 1000

Spotter Global must embrace 100,000 dedicated global citizen by the end of 2020. If we then need to find the persons that speaks English and Bahasa and have competencies on Goal 11 and happens to be an Engineer and lives in Malaysia, we can find these persons in 3 seconds. To get this whole thing up and running we need you and 999 others to get started. Please join our Team 1000 and invest 7 minutes a month the next year. Together we will spark a revolution of shared knowledge and competencies – for real change.

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Together with you and the rest of Team 1000 we can strengthen Spotter Global and surpass 100,000 members in 2020.
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Take a look at the world from our perspective

Clay Shirky tells us the world has over a trillion hours a year of free time to commit to shared projects. Spotter Global makes it possible to tap into the great resourse in a systematic way.

Spotter SDG

Spotter loves the Global Goals, This is why Spotter has offered the unique Spotter engine to Spotter Global pro bono. This makes it possible to match the right persons with the right set of compertencies - to strengthen the endevour to implement the Global Goals before 2030.

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Thanks to our great partners

We are greatfull to the European Commission and Aarhus Municipality for their initial, financial support to setting up the Spotter Global Platform. Also, we are very please to collaborate with SDG Watch Europe to etsblish the so-called Team 1000 that will take
Spotter Global to the next level.

Let's work together

We can't change the world alone. Be a part of Spotter Global and let's work together to implement the Global Goals before 2030.

Latest News

Spotter Global is now being integrated into other great projects.


Spotter Global is part of the Climate Planet Project. Climate Planet is an Earth replica, 20 meters tall and 25 meters in the width. Inside there is space for 300 people and there is a satellite version of the globe (via NASA uplink). This most exciting project will also be present in Bonn during the COP 23, November 2017 and visit 24 european cities before the end of 2020. All intrested parties can join Spotter Global, thereby strengthening the collaboration for real change.

The DARE Project

Spotter Global is working closely together with SDG Watch Europe which spearheades the so-called DARE project. The project will strengthen the Global Goals collaboration between thounsands of Europeans and civil society organistions. Spotter Global can and will strengthen the DARE project, and vice versa. All in all, the DARE project and Spotter Global can help ensuring that the EU plays a key role in making the Global Goals come true before 2030.